Basia Bulat


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Tour Dates

                         Oct 10        West Hollywood, CA       Roxy Theatre *
Oct 11        San Francisco, CA          Slim’s *
Oct 14        Portland, OR                 Doug Fir Lounge *
Oct 15        Seattle, WA                  Columbia City Theater *

                         Nov 12       Kingston, ON                   The Isabel
Nov 26       Laval, QC                         Maison des Arts de Laval
Nov 27       Valleyfield, QC                 Valspec
Nov 28       Gatineau, QC                   Salle Jean-Desprez

Tall Tall Shadow” from the album Tall Tall Shadow (2013, Secret City Records), by Basia Bulat.
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Making Movies at Wakarusa!

Making MoviesMaking movies will play Wakarusa!

“Organizers of the 2013 Wakarusa Music Festival have announced the times and stages for the four-day festival at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Ark. It runs May 30 to June 2. The festival opens at noon May 30, a Thursday. Among the bands on the bill: Galactic, Calexico, the Black Crowes, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Of Monsters and Men, Umphrey’s McGee, ZZ Ward, Grouplove. Gogol Bordello and Widespread Panic. Local acts on the bill: Making Movies and the dance/aerial troupe Quixotic.”

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Six Percent – Concert Review – Riot Room – April 6, 2013


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By: KC Fan View Staff

Middle of the Map Fest was awesome.  So much exposure to so many bands.  I didn’t see a single band that I didn’t like.  Despite that, I did have a little trouble finding an “unmade” band that blew me away.  That all changed when I walked into the Riot Room on Saturday at about 6:30pm.  Courtney Sharp was running the sound board in her usual amazing way.  The beneficiary of her talent was Six Percent.  They were killing it.

Six Percent is not a new band.  They formed back in the second half of the 90’s and had sufficient success to place them on the stage with such acts as Smashing Pumpkins, 311, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Slipknot and Norma Jean.  After a long hiatus, they reformed in 2010 and starting writing anew.  The performance on Saturday was nothing short of stellar.  For those that remember The Urge out of St. Louis, this band is a very close comp.  Brass Punk is how I want to describe it.  Three trombone players punching you in the face, layered over the top of deep rock guitar tones and slamming drums, all combined with a lead singer that pogo’d dangerously close to the ceiling of the Riot Room.  It was sick.  I was in heaven.  The new EP, “Old Routines,” is being released very soon.  Don’t be scared.  Click the link below, “like” the band and go to their CD release party.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Band link:

Cherokee Rock Rifle – Concert Review – Riot Room Patio – April 6, 2013



Cherokee Rock Rifle – Concert Review – Riot Room Patio – April 6, 2013

Written by KC Fan View Staff

Photo by: Unknown (Shared from Middle of the Map Fest’s Facebook public wall)

Ready. Aim. Stagedive! Cherokee Rock Rifle (CRR) started out my day on Saturday. After the previous night, I needed a little hair of the dog. CRR did not let me down. I live for rock, so this is one of my favorite KC bands. CRR dove right into their infectious riff oriented rock to a packed Riot Room patio. For me, CRR is a kind of modern day Nazareth – without the cowbell. In this case, the SOB you need to avoid messing with is El Dutch, the lead singer. To be fair, Dutch is pretty much the opposite of a SOB, which makes me like this band even more. That aside, he just has that nasty, raspy voice thing going on that makes you a little angry and happy at the same time. Singing down the barrel of his modified shotgun/microphone stand, El Dutch got the crowd riled up enough to support his early afternoon stage dive, which I am willing to bet was the first of the day.

CRR recently recorded a new EP that is being released in the very near future. Attendees were fortunate enough to get a glimpse into what we can expect to hear on the EP. CRR is clearly staying true to the style and sound of their first EP. In the midst of all the fake electronic music and pure hearted americana that dominates the airwaves at the moment, CRR is the place to be for those that like to roll in the dirt. The CD release party has been scheduled, so click the link below, give this band some love and let’s all get behind these guys.

Band site:



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Love Story of Lt. Billie D. Harris & Peggy Harris

Waiting For her Husband to come home .. M.I.A.



Watch the music video here..

Tribute to Billie D. Harris – By Joyce Ann Ashley

The 62-year search by Peggy Seale Harris for her husband, Lt. Billie Dowe Harris, who was listed as missing in action in France during World War II.

When Billie Dowe Harris and Peggy Seale married on Sept. 22, 1943, they were like most young couples of that time – young, in love and full of hope. Despite the fact that the United States was fully involved in World War II, and lives were being changed daily, the 2nd Lt. and his bride were full of confidence in the future as they said their vows. Little did they realize how very different that future would be.


Billie D. Harris: Joyce Ann Ashley, Family Life Editor – The Vernon Daily Record.
Alton and Gaye Harvey.


Beautiful Bodies – INVINCIBLE

Beautiful Bodies – INVINCIBLE (Live at the Midland Theater)
Shot By: Brian Hicks, Samantha Levi & Clinton Martens.
Camera Assistant’s: Casey “Ozzy” Osburn & Emily Katz.

instagram – @TheBeautifulBodies

Local Kansas City Band The Beautiful Bodies
The Video Really Shows the enthusiasm of the local Kansas City Scene

2013 Beautiful Bodies

You ever have one of those days
When you’re so fed up
You might not make it through
Oh but you do
You ever have one of those days
When your mind won’t stop
You think it tells the truth
You get so confused

I know you don’t think you’ll make it out alive
but I know you’ll see this through

I don’t give a damn about running with the in crowd
I don’t give a f**k about being this out loud
Say it now
Say it now
We are invincible
I don’t give a sh*t about what you’re thinking
I don’t give a thought about what you’re drinking
Say it now
Say it now
We are invincible

Back to black your mind is full
You and I know that were so far behind
But there’s still time
Everyday is a chance to change
Gotta make a move
It’s something you must prove
You get so confused

I never thought that there was an answer
I never thought there ever was an answer

Wake Owl @ The Riot Room March 3rd


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Wake Owl


I had chance to talk to singer/songwriter of Wake Owl, Colyn Cameron, as well as the guitarist and violinist. They were in Kansas City for a concert at the Riot Room on Sunday, March 3rd. I asked them which songs on their debut EP Wild Country were their favorite. They like Gold and Wild Country the most. They informed me that their new video for “Wild Country” has recently premiered on MTV Hive!

As I was talking to them you could see the fatigue in their eyes. It’s been a somewhat long tour and they still have a few shows left, including multiple performances at SXSW in Austin, TX in mid-March and the Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in Quincy, WA May 24th through 27th. This many shows has to be overwhelming for such a new band.

As I watched the band perform, the audience and the band were very subdued at first. However, as soon as the band started playing the songs from the EP the audience and the band seemed to connect and then started to come alive. I enjoyed their music immensely, especially the violin parts. They were very subtle but also brought a very unique characteristic to their music. I found that quite inspiring. I think u should catch them the next time they come through Kansas City. In the meantime, head over to

Drew Black and Dirty Electric – Concert Review – The RecordBar – February 9, 2013


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Drew Black and Dirty Electric – Concert Review – The RecordBar – February 9, 2013

Written by KC Fan View Staff

Garage rock is a loud and loose purging of emotional frustration.  It’s dirty and it’s electric.  When it comes to Drew Black and Dirty Electric, the name fits.  Made up of band members with multiple commitments to other bands in town, I was a bit surprised at how well Drew Black and Dirty Electric fit together.  I guess it’s no surprise that Drew Black seemed to be the driving creative force for the band.  I got the impression that he would have a difficult time writing a song anywhere other than a bathroom, but in context, I guess that makes sense.  Terra Peal plucked her bass with notable precision and Michelle Bacon’s hard hitting drums filled the RecordBar with a slamming vibe.  I do want to call some special attention to Zach Hodson, however, as I felt he really left it on the stage.  The entire band performed great, but sometimes one just stands out and on this particular evening, it was Zach.  In particular, on “Dead Kings and Queens,” Zach’s sonic experimentation felt like a lonely and disillusioned walk after drinking way too much. I consider that to be a good thing.  When music transports a person anywhere, it is a powerful performance.  I’d liken the tonal character and energy of Drew Black and Dirty Electric to something like a Black Keys and Sonic Youth cocktail, shaken and with a sprinkle of black gun powder on top.  Tasty stuff, but you might need a napkin cuz it’s . . . dirty.

Band site:



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