Molehill – Concert Review – Czar Bar – November 9, 2012

There are literally hundreds of shows in Kansas City every month.  It’s so hard to know which ones are going to deliver.  Molehill, a band from Chicago, played Czar Bar on Friday night and they served it up.  Before going out, I watched their videos and listened to their downloads.  The production from this band is top notch both in the studio and live.  There is a distinct similarity to the mega band Muse, but that similarity was not a distraction as I watched them perform.  Molehill is doing their own thing and they are extremely talented.  To top it off, the bandmates (Trevor Jones, Greg Van Zuiden, Peter Manhart and Devin Staples) are very down to earth guys.  Despite some scheduling issues that pushed the show later into the evening, the band utilized the time to mingle and get to know the locals.  I am pretty sure Molehill plans on swinging back by KC in the Spring, so go check out their music, download it off their website, listen to it regularly and be prepared to enjoy yourself next time they come to town.  “No Reprieve” is a stand out song, but you may find that you like them all.  

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